What is the Amazon Prime App?

With Amazon Prime your life gets a got a lot more easy! Prime is a service of Amazon for its members and includes fast shipping and access to lots of media. Think of movies, books, audio books, music and unlimited cloud storage for all your photos.

The Prime app is available for most devices such as smartphones, tablets and Smart-TVs.

The Prime services provide Amazon customers with better service. For example, when you buy Amazon goods you choose for a Two-day delivery. Or even Same-day delivery and two-hour delivery time.

However the Amazon Prime App services are more remarkable than just that.

Indeed, Prime video offers a great choice of more than thousands of movies, shows and other content to watch anywhere you like. Both online and offline for mobile devicesJust a click away with the Prime Video App.

In addition, the app offers a huge amount of high quality music to stream. Millions  of songs to choose from, music stations and other music services come all for just $10.99/month with a Prime membership. Of course Ad free. Start your 30-day Amazon Prime free trial here!

Prime Video, what else?

Also, and this really differentiates the Prime from other services, the membership comes with “Prime Reading”. Books, magazines and even audible narration: just a click away with the Amazon Prime App. Although a Kindle device is preferred, you can read your favorite literature on an iOS, Android or even desktop computers. Read or listen anything you like, anywhere you like!

Furthermore, the Amazon Prime offers exclusive Twitch streaming with Prime Twitch. Exclusive loot, skins and Ad-free streaming of games anywhere you want at any time. Get discounts on games and other services that really distinguish the Prime App from other streaming services out there!

First, are many other streaming services out there like the Amazon Prime. But all other services are not as extensive and complete as with the Amazon Prime App. You get more value for your hard earned money.

Second, is that most video streaming services simply offer only one kind of media. Without mentioning any other services, you can only choose from streaming movies, music or books. Amazon Prime App offers it to you. And to fully integrate this awesome service: Prime let’s you order all daily products and ship them to your location of choice within two hours.

10 Benefits of the Amazon Prime App!

  1. A complete streaming service for all media and entertainment. Movies, series, music, literature, magazines, audio books and even games.
  2. Great value for money!
  3. Streaming on almost all modern devices such as smart phones, smart TVs, desktop computers, Amazon Fire Stick and Apple TV.
  4. Amazon’s Originals with Golden Globe Award winning series. There is nothing out there comparable to the Amazon Prime App service!
  5. Amazon Prime App is available in more than 200 countries (not all services are available in all countries).
  6. Prime Photos: Store all your photos in an unlimited cloud service. Share your Prime Photo storage with up to five (!) friends or family members.
  7. Download your favorite media at home and watch your movies and series offline on the go on most mobile devices out there.
  8. The Amazon Prime App is comes with Amazon’s Alexa voice integration.
  9. Switch easily from reading your favorite books, magazines or other literature to Audible Narration. Read on the metro, listen while driving or walking for more safety.
  10. Get more personalized offers, discounts and exclusives as a Prime App Member.