Amazon Video Chromecast

Amazon Video, how does it work and is it any good?

Amazon Video is one the most complete and awesome video streaming service out there. With all other services there is a lot of choice in where to subscribe. Why to choose Amazon Video?

Yet Amazon Prime is incomparable. And has a lot of other great features you don’t get anywhere else such as: unlimited music; books; or audibles.

Yet with over 40.000 individual videos to choose from makes Amazon Video is awesome. With 4 times more content than the 2nd largest streaming service out there its library is impressive. Although not all Amazon videos are in HD quality there is still lots 4K videos to choose from. And a large number of Amazon Prime videos can be downloaded to watch offline anywhere you like on your mobile device!

Also, the Amazon video library is frequently updated with great content. To give you the viewer experience you desire Amazon originals are exclusive to Amazon Video. Amazon Prime has launched several Emmy and Golden Globe award winning series that proves that quality is Prime Video’s is number one concern.

Furthermore, Amazon Video let’s you stream to multiple screens at the same time. Other services also provide you with this service, however at extra costs. Stream to your smart phone, tablet and of course your computer.

Also with access to Amazon Video in over 200 countries world wide Amazon Prime really tells itself apart from competitor video streaming services. This makes Prime Video ideal for traveling and other international users. Never miss your favorite show when from home or a dull moment at the beach. Watch anywhere you like at anytime! Content may differ per country, but this shouldn’t kill the fun!

Amazon Video Movies

Compared to the 2nd largest video streaming service Amazon video offers 4x more choice!

Yet in 2016 this meant about 17.000 Amazon video movies to choose from! And the Amazon video database is constantly updated. This keeps its library interesting for its members.

However some argue that quality goes over quantity. Don’t worry about. Okay, not all movies are available in HD quality but a lot of the Amazon Prime movies are. We expect that this may matter more in the future when more TVs support 4K video. But if your TV doesn’t support 4K, the quality of the Amazon video shouldn’t matter that much yet.

All Amazon Prime Movie Genres to choose from:

  • Action
  • Animation
  • Comedy
  • Crime
  • Documentaries
  • Drama
  • Fantasy
  • History
  • Kids & Family movies
  • Horror
  • Music
  • Mystery
  • Romance
  • Science-fiction
  • Sports
  • Thriller
  • War Movies
  • Western

Amazon Prime TV Shows

With all the options in Amazon Prime TV shows there is always something good to watch on TV.  From all the great kids shows your children love to “the Wire”. Or what about award winning series such as Mr. Robot. At this moment (20th March) there are more than different 480 TV shows on Amazon Prime to watch!

Also what’s so great about Amazon Video TV shows is that there is a lot of vintage TV shows to pick from. We love Star Trek and were happy to bring back all our childhood memories by watching this epic show.

Moreover, one of the best shows ever that we had to miss for the past years is Top Gear. How great that Amazon Video has “the Grand Tour”, remake of the all time BBC classic. A true delight, that Amazon recaptures this TV show with the icon trio Jeremy, Richard and Hammond.

Amazon Originals

One of the greatest features that come with Amazon video are all the original series. Exclusive for Amazon Prime members.

Hence the quality of these TV shows are truly one of a kind and have won many award. You will definitely miss out on this if you don’t have an Amazon Prime membership.

So far Amazon’s originals, thus produced solely by Amazon, counts over 30+ Amazon Originals.

Of which several Award winning shows such as the Golden Globe award winning “Transparent”. Or the Emmy award winning show “Man in the high Castle”. And don’t forget the “the Grand Tour”, a continuations of BBC’s Top Gear.

However there are many other great steaming services, there is no such quality and fast amount of choice with Amazon Video. Truly amazing.