Amazon Prime app Windows 10

Amazon Prime App Windows 10 – Start Streaming!

With all the great content on for Amazon Prime app Windows 10 you just want to start watching right now. If don’t haven’t subscribed yet, do it now for a free trial of Amazon Prime Video here.

Yet with the many apps in the Windows store the only one that is really missing is the Amazon Prime app Windows 10. We expect that Amazon will launch it App for Windows soon, but for now we need to find another way to stream all your favorite shows and movies from Amazon Prime.

However the most easy and straightforward way of using videos and other content on your Windows computer with the need of an Amazon Prime app Windows 10 is to use the browser. The standard browser that is on your Microsoft computer is Edge.

Stream Amazon Prime Video with Microsoft Edge

However it is arguable that Microsoft Edge is the best webbrowser, it for sure gets the job done. A nice feature that comes in to place while is that Edge supports Microsoft Silverlight. You don’t get that with Amazon Prime app Windows 10. Microsoft Silverlight is used as to show complex graphical interfaces, such as Amazon Prime Video’s. Due to its intensive support Silverlight is a perfect method of watching Amazon Prime. instead of with for example Java.

Furthermore we recommend to bookmark the Amazon Prime Video website for easy access. For this you don’t need to type in the website’s name or to look for it online. It’s like you almost simulate an Amazon Prime app Windows 10.

Also all web browsers let you safe the account details. This is extra easy because now you don’t need to type in your account details. Also now if you forget your password or account name, it doesn’t matter: it is already provided for you because you have saved it.

Stream Prime Video with Internet Explorer

Also this goes for Internet Explorer users. Though it will be replaced by Edge. To make the best out of not having an Amazon Prime app Windows 10. Just bookmark the Amazon Prime website and safe all your login details. That is, your account name and password. If you can’t remember your password Amazon let’s you reset your password by entering your initial e-mail account. You will receive an e-mail and you are able to reset your password.

Thus, Amazon Prime app Windows 10 would be nice to have in the future. Amazon would do a great job to make this app available all the 400 million+ Microsoft users out there! But for now no stress, get your Amazon Prime membership and enjoy shit great streaming service today!

Rather want to know how to stream from your Windows computer to your TV? Or chromecast without using the Amazon Prime app Windows 10? Be sure to visit our page “How to stream Amazon Prime to Chromecast”. We have step-by-step walk through. We will tell you exactly how to make the best use out of Amazon Prime Video.