Amazon Prime app Windows

Amazon Prime App Windows Phone – All you need to know

Until Prime video releases its Amazon Prime app Windows we need to find alternative ways to play Prime Video on Windows Phone. The exact reasons why the app hasn’t been released are unclear. But we will keep you posted about this!

However there is no Amazon Prime app Windows Phone, it is not a deal breaker. Here we will explain you how to stream Amazon Prime onto your Windows phone.

Just use the browser on your Windows Phone as an alternative to Amazon Prime app Windows. Windows Phone standard browser Opera is ideal to scroll and play all Amazon Prime’s content. But if you prefer the Internet Explorer app, this is also no problem at all.

Yet to simulate the Amazon Prime app Windows it’s best to make a bookmark of the Amazon Prime Website. Add the website to your favorites and now within the click of a button you can access the Amazon Prime website. 

Also, best is to save your account details of your Amazon Prime account. If an Amazon Prime app Windows would be around, you wouldn’t have to login each time. Just go to you bookmarks and you are good to go!

Next we will explain how to stream Amazon Prime with your Windows Phone to Chromecast and Airplay. You need a special app, but once you know how it works it will change your life. Amazon Prime app Windows not needed! Read about it below.

How to Stream Amazon Prime App Windows Phone to Chromecast and Apple TV

For the reason that there is no Amazon Prime app Windows or that the Amazon Prime app in general doesn’t let you stream to Chromecast or Airplay we need to find other ways.

Yet the best way is to mirror your Windows Phone to your TV with the “Playcast App”. This is great app and a must have if you own a Windows Phone.

Although the App is not for free, there is a free trial of 7 days. If you like it the price is about one beer, $3.99. You will get a lot of value for you money due to all its great features and we are sure you won’t be disappointed. Yet it’s the best way to simulate Amazon Prime app Windows.

Now, when you have installed the Playcast app you can start mirroring your Windows phone to your Chromecast or Apple TV. You don’t need an Amazon Prime app Windows to have great capabilities! Just run the webpage in your browser of choice as discussed before and use the  Playcast app to mirror your webbrowser. You will notice how versatile and fast the app is.

Furthermore the Playcast App allows you to stream all your locally stored media to your streaming device of choice. Movies, pictures, music, the sky is the limit. What is nice is that also not locally stored media such as on your Xbox device or cloud storage can be streamed to Chromecast and Apple TV. We really like this app and recommend it to anyone who has a Windows Phone!