Amazon prime devices

What Amazon Prime devices are compatible?

There is a great amount of Amazon Prime Devices you can use to stream your favorite media. Suc as mobile phones; Tablets; Phablets; Media-box; computer; or Smart-TV.

Also most modern Amazon Prime Devices are compatible and there is almost no limit to where, what and when you use the Amazon Prime App.

Yet downloading the Amazon Prime app is easy and can be done by almost any app-store for the Amazon Prime Devices of choice. The Amazon Prime App is free of charge and with the 1 month free subscription there is nothing to hold you back and try this great media platform.

In addition, for information about all Amazon Prime Devices that are compatible with Amazon Prime please check here if your device can be used:

Mobile Amazon Prime Devices

In general to use the Amazon Prime App, your mobile operating system for Amazon Prime devices should be from the year 2014 or later to stream. Although for some Amazon Prime devices this can be the 2013 or 2015. There is no difference whether you have a phone or tablet.

If your mobile device, phone or tablet, is too old and not able to download the Amazon Prime App, try to use the web browser on your device. Then you may stream your favorite media directly from the Amazon Prime website. Although it may drain your battery a bit more than with use of the Amazon Prime App.

Moreover if your Amazon Prime Device is too old to download the app; perhaps it’s a great excuse to purchase a new device! If not, why not!

Download the Amazon Prime App for your Smartphone, Tablet and TV.

Stationary Amazon Prime Devices

For Stationary Amazon Prime Devices the rule of thumb is: if you can watch Youtube, you can check out the media Amazon Prime. In general, that means from 2006 or later. You will have no problem at all the use Amazon Prime. Please read all about the exact system requirements below.

Yet for Smart TV Amazon Prime Devices it may be a bit trickier. But you can always use an HDMI cable or VGA Cable to stream from your computer to your TV!

Hardware requirements for Amazon Prime

  • Intel Core 2 Duo Processor or similar processor.

Software Requirements for Amazon Prime

  • Windows 7 or higher
  • Mac OS 10.7 or higher
  • Linux and other operating systems: Download Google Chrome and use Amazon Prime