amazon prime music app

Amazon Prime Music App – Everything you need to know

The Amazon Prime Music app comes for free with a with Amazon Prime. If offers over 2 million songs for free and without any ads. Stream anywhere at anytime, both online and offline. 

Yet for free, 2.000.000 songs may be a bit short listed for real music lovers and compared to other streaming services such as Spotify a bit limited. For this reason there is also a paid subscription called Amazon Unlimited. With over 40 million songs, Amazon Music unlimited is without doubt a great streaming service.

Moreover, what makes the Amazon Prime Music App makes truly great is the huge amount of Audible books and original audio series. Therefor we have tested its great content and we were happily surprised. Listen to the most amazing stories on the go, your favorite literature in the car or comedy shows while doing sports. Better do an extra mile to finish the audible episode!

Also, Amazon Prime music app is available in over 200 countries around the globe it making it ideal for streaming music while traveling. Ideally, to listen to the Amazon Prime Music app, an Internet connection is needed. However because Internet is not always available there is a way to download your favorite songs and audibles. With this you can later on use your Amazon Prime Music app offline to still enjoy your media.

Amazon Prime Music app works with most mobile devices such as Android, Apple and Windows: both online and offline. It features English, German and Japanese. Also the library is weekly updated, which makes its content always feel fresh and new.

10 Facts about the Amazon Prime Music App you need to know

First, over 2 million unique songs free of charge without any advertisement!

Second, access to Amazon Prime Music Unlimited. Over 40.000.000 songs!

Third, Prime Music comes with many audible books and magazines to listen to!

Fourth, it comes with Audible: Original Audio Series and narrated books.

Fifth, available in over 200 countries world wide.

Sixt, isten to music it offline on the go! Free of charge! Just download and ready

Seventh, Alexa. She makes it easier to find a song: just say “romantic’80 rock songs”

Eighth, Prime Books & Magazines for free while you listen to your favorite music.

Ninth, the Amazon Prime package comes with: fast shipping service!.

Tenth, Amazon Prime Music comes with unlimited cloud storage of all your photos.