amazon prime music app

Amazon Prime Music and it’s Benefits

Amazon Prime Music is an ideal for free music stream-service that comes with the amazing Amazon Prime package.

Yet it covers more than 2.000.000 songs. Also it offers a great amount of thousands playlists and music stations for any occasion. Amazon Prime Music is free of advertisement. Stream music anywhere at anytime, both online and offline, with the Amazon Prime App.

Also, Amazon Prime Music offers more than 2 million songs for free. Although this is not as much as with other music stream services. It doesn’t go without saying that the service is free of charge with a membership of Amazon Prime. And without any ads.

For more choice, Amazon Music Unlimited is available for $7.99/month or $79/year.

Yet with over 40 million songs, Amazon Music unlimited is definitely worth your while. But you will notice that the free of charge the Prime Music App already covers a lot of great songs to listen to.

In accordance with Amazon Prime Music the app offers Audible Books and Original Audio Series. Listen to the most amazing stories on the go, your favorite literature in the car or comedy shows while doing sports. There is no other music service that offers such great content as the Amazon Prime Music App

Amazon Prime Music works with most mobile devices such as Android, Apple and Windows: both online and offline.

10 Reasons why to subscribe to Amazon Prime Music!

  1. Over 2 million unique songs free of charge without any advertisement!
  2. For a small fee you can access Amazon Music Unlimited. More than 40 million songs: which is more than most other music services out there!
  3. Amazon Prime has many books and magazines to listen to!
  4. The service comes with Audible: a huge amount of Audio Series such as comedy, news, articles and refreshed daily! It’s really great!
  5. Listen to Amazon Prime Music in over 200 countries worldwide.
  6. Download your favorite music with the Amazon Prime App and listen to it offline on the go!
  7. Integration of Prime Music with Alexa makes it even more easy to find your perfect song. For example, ask for “ ’90 love songs”!
  8. Get Prime Books & Magazines for free while you listen to your favorite music.
  9. The Amazon Prime package’s extra features.
  10. Because part of a package, Amazon Music comes with unlimited cloud storage of all your photos. For you and 5 others! Ideal for traveling.