Amazon Prime Offline

Amazon Prime Offline – How does it work?

Amazon Prime Offline is a service to watch your video or listen to music on the go where no Internet connection is available. So, download where there is Wifi and save you data for more important stuff. Or use it on the go while traveling by plane or at remote places without Internet.

However there are a few restriction (please read below) for Amazon Prime offline it goes without saying that this a great features that comes with the Amazon Prime App. Although Amazon Prime comes with more awesome services, making you download and watch a selected batch of videos with Amazon Prime Offline is truly amazing. If you were still deciding, this feature may get you to subscribe to Amazon Prime.

For the reason that Amazon Prime Offline only works on certain devices be sure that you have one of the following operating systems on your mobile device.

Compatible mobile devices for Amazon Prime offline:

Hence, Windows Mobile is not compatible with this service. Also desktop computers and laptops cannot make us of this service.

Yet there is also a way to purchase the videos, please remark that this article is about the not-paid download service.

All the restrictions for Amazon Prime Offline

Just like other streaming (only Netflix so far) services that provide the feature to watch videos offline Amazon has imposed a few restrictions.

First you devices should be compatible. As mentioned above, Apple, Android and Amazon’s own mobile devices Fire are able to download and show offline videos. Desktop and laptops cannot use this feature.

Second, not all videos can be watched offline. Of course all originals are available with Amazon Prime Offline and a great amount of other videos. Just go to the video details and see if it shows a download icon (arrow facing downwards).

Also, the videos that you’ve download can only be accessed for a period of time. Thus, after a while you cannot watch the video anymore. However your Amazon Prime App will give you a head up by means of a notification we personally think this limits the service if you are traveling. As well, this may vary by title.

In addition there is a limit to the amount of videos you can download. Although we didn’t experience this as a pain in the ass while we used Amazon Prime offline: There is enough to download and enjoy offline. Depending on your region you may download 15 to 25 videos in total.

Yet don’t let these restrictions for Amazon Prime Offline hold you back. It’s a great feature found nowhere else.

How to download a video to watch offline? a 10-step walk through

Check the following 10 easy steps to use Amazon Prime Offline:

  1. Make sure that your mobile device is connected to the Internet. Preferably WiFi due to the amount of data that will be downloaded.
  2. Open the Amazon Prime App on your device of choice!
  3. Scroll though the videos you like to download.
  4. Check if the video has the Download Icon (downward Arrow)
  5. If so, tap the download Icon and proceed to download. This may take a while.
  6. Once downloaded a Check Mark will show in the video detail. It will not show in your download folder or other place in your device.
  7. Easiest is to go to the downloads option in the Amazon Video Menu.
  8. Just click the video and start watching your favorite show
  9. Once download the video is available for a certain period of time.
  10. Enjoy watching and have a great time!