amazon prime tv shows

Amazon Prime TV Shows – is it any good?

No doubt, with all the Amazon Prime TV shows out there it is easy to subscribe to Amazon Prime. You really get value for your hard earned money. The only negative aspect is that it’s hard to pick what to watch next.

Because of the large amount of shows to choose from the library quantity is unheard of. There are over 480 different Amazon Prime TV Shows. Four-hundred-eighty shows! Indeed, this is incomparable with other streaming services out there. But quantity is not everything if the quality is bad. Of course the quality is outstanding. For example take all the Amazon Originals. 

Admittedly, one of the best parts of the Amazon Prime TV shows is the exclusive content that Amazon Prime offers its viewers. The quality of these TV shows is truly one of a kind and has won several awards such as an Emmy (Man in the high Castle) and a Golden Globe (Transparrent). Amazon offers over 30 original series to pick from. As well Amazon continued BBC’s Top Gear with “the Grand Tour”.

Furthermore there are many exclusive Amazon Prime TV shows that they show nowhere else. All of these shows are available in HD and even Ultra-HD quality, providing it’s subscribers the best viewing experience out there!

More facts and why Amazon Prime TV shows are great

Besides that you Amazon Prime is great for travelers. Watch Amazon Prime TV shows all over the world in more than 200 countries. Although the content may vary, rest assure that there is a lot of TV shows to choose from when abroad. And for the reason that you can download your all Amazon Prime TV shows and watch them later offline at any time.

For the reason that Amazon Prime let’s you stream TV shows to several screens at the same time the whole family members can always watch own show at the same time at no extra cost. This is not unique but Amazon Prime really stands out because of this.