Amazon Prime Video

All you need to know about Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is one of the top leading video streaming services out there. It reaches to video lovers in over 200 countries around the world. Making Amazon Prime ideal for traveling around the globe. And stream videos anywhere you like at any time.

Yet to stream Prime Videos, all you need is an Internet connection and the Amazon Prime App.

Because Internet cannot be guaranteed anywhere in the world, Amazon Prime let’s you download the videos to enjoy later. Ideal for traveling by plane or in countries where there is no (solid) Internet connection available.

Indeed Prime Video offers over more than 17.000 titles to watch. Both in standard and in HD quality. These are all separate titles. When we count all the series’ episodes there are more than 40.000 videos to watch.

Also, there is no greater choice of videos with Amazon Prime Video than any other streaming service. And for just $99 per year (or $10.99/month) the price of unlimited video streaming is appealing.

Above all Amazon Prime works with most mobile devices. Such as Apple, Android and Windows: Online and offline. Most smart-TVs can be used with Amazon Prime Video.

Why Amazon Prime Video and not other video streaming services?

Although some say that the Amazon Prime Video doesn’t offer as much content as other streaming services outside of the United States. This cannot be compared with other streaming services for a few reasons.

First, in the United States and some other countries the amount of video content is great (over 40.000 videos). And is superior to any other streaming service.

In addition, no other streaming service let’s you stream in almost any country. Both online and offline! However due to licensing reasons not all content is as widely available in all countries compared to other streaming services.

Second, the quality of videos is amazing. Amazon Prime offers Amazon Original Series with Golden Globe Award- and Emmy Award winning series such as: Man in the high Castle; Mozart in the Jungle; or Transparent.

Third and most important Amazon Prime Video is just the top of the iceberg. Amazon Prime comes with streaming services more than Amazon Prime Video. Stream over 2 million songs with Amazon Prime Music. Or read books anywhere you like for free and get unlimited cloud storage for all pictures.

Finally, Amazon Prime is so much more than just Amazon Prime Video. Check it out for yourself and see if your device is compatible for Amazon Prime Video.

10 Benefits of the Amazon Prime Video app!

  1. 17.000 unique titles and over 40.000 videos to watch. More than any other streaming service out there!
  2. Amazon Prime Music: Over 2 million songs available for free with Amazon Prime!
  3. Get Prime Books & Magazines for free: over thousands of books, magazines and audible narration.
  4. Free two-day shipping services or even two-hour shipping of daily essentials.
  5. Unlimited cloud storage of all your photos for you and 5 others! Ideal for traveling.
  6. Enjoy your Amazon Prime Video account in over 200 countries around the globe!
  7. Original Audio series for free from Audible!
  8. Get  deals for Amazon products with your Amazon Prime Video account!
  9. Amazon Prime Original series that with with Emmy- and Golden Globe award wining titles!
  10. For just $99 a year it’s value for money.