Amazon Video Chromecast

All Ways to Cast Amazon Video Chromecast

Is there a way to cast  Amazon Video Chromecast?

Because the Amazon Prime App doesn’t let you cast directly use Amazon video Chromecast there has been quite some talk about this feature. Well, there are worse things in life and laziness always finds a way. We all want to use this great streaming service without too much hassle! Read all about the Amazon Video Chromecast here!

So, by means of the Amazon Prime app there is no way you can directly cast Amazon Video Chromecast. This has all to do with Amazon’s own Firestick, which is a good equivalent to Google’s Chromecast. But if you have already’ purchased Google’s Chromecast, it’s a bit of a downer to find out you need an Amazon Firestick instead to cast to Amazon Videos to your TV.

There are 2 ways watch you favorite Amazon Video on your TV with Google’s Chromecast:

  1. Cast Amazon Video Chromecast through Google Chrome
  2. Cast Amazon Video through the Screen Mirroring

Google Chrome: Cast Amazon Video to Chomecast

First, we will explain what Google Chrome is in short. Second, we will provide you a step by step walk through how to cast Amazon Video Chromecast with the Google Chrome app.

Chrome is Google’s webbrowser and a great alternative for Internet Explorer, Edge, Safari or for instance Firefox. If you haven’t tried Google’s web browser yet, please download Chrome here for free. It is fast, easy to use and may connect all your Google accounts into one single account. Here you will find more information about Google Chrome.

Step by step Walk-through – Cast Amazon Video Chromecast

Here we explain an easy 10 step walk-through how to cast Amazon Video Chromecast. There is almost no difference between a mobile device such as Android or Apple and a desktop computer such as a PC or Mac. Only, you need to download an add-on for the desktop version (step 3)

  1. Make sure that your device and your Chromecast are both connected to the same WiFi network.
  2. Download/install the Google Chrome browser on you device of choice. Click to download for Android or Apple mobile devices.
  3. For mobile users, skip and go to step 4!

Add the Chromecast extension to the Chrome browser by downloading the Chromecast add-on here.

  1. Open Amazon Prime Video in Google Chrome as you normally would and login to you account.
  2. Pick you Amazon Prime video of choice and start the video.
  3. Hit the “Cast Icon” in the top right of your screen. This Icon looks like a small square with a signal in the lower left part of the square.
  4. Choose the Chromecast you like to cast the Amazon video to.
  5. Be sure you pick the correct HDMI source on you TV where the Chromecast is connected to!
  6. The Amazon video Chromecast should project on your TV now. You are now ready to watch you favorite Amazon movies and TV shows.
  7. You can always pick a different Amazon video while using Chromecast. When you click the video, it will cast automatically.

Mirroring and Amazon Video to Chromecast

There are other ways to cast your favorite Amazon video Chomecast. Users of different devices may have to try different ways to cast their content to Chromecast.

Yet it is all about mirroring your device to Chromecast. Some devices have special mirroring capabilities and make it a feast to mirror you device’s screen to you TV.

Although other devices are less optimal and may project a lesser mirror. But who cares? All we want is easy Amazon Video Chromecast streaming right?!

Cast Android to Amazon Video Chromecast

  1. Make sure your Android device (4.1 or higher) is connected to the same WiFi network as you Chromecast.
  2. Turn off < Battery saving mode > on your Android device: Apps – Settings – Battery – Battery Saver
  3. Switch on Microphone in Google play services: Apps – Google Play-Services -Rights -Microphone
  4. Open Google Home
  5. In the upper-left screen of the Home App click the < menu icon >.
  6. Choose < Cast Screen / Audio >.
  7. Be sure to choose correct HDMI source on your TV!
  8. Now you mirror your Android device screen to your TV through Chromecast.
  9. Open de Amazon Prime Video to choose your content
  10. Watch your favorite Amazon video Chromecast by mirroring to your TV! Easy!

Cast Apple to Amazon Video Chromecast

  1. Make sure that your Chromecast and your Apple device are connected to the same WIFI network.
  2. Swipe from bottom to top to open the Control Center on you iPhone or iPad.
  3. Press the < Airplay Mirroring > button
  4. Choose the Chomecast device you like to mirror your screen to.
  5. Go to the Amazon Prime App and use it as you normally would. The Prime videos will show on your TV. Be sure to choose correct HDMI source on your TV!