Prime Movies

Amazon Prime Movies – Is it any good?

The amount of content of Amazon Prime movies is mind blowing. So to answer the question if it’s any good, the answer is YES. It’s great! You get value for money, read all about here.

Clearly such an answer may be a bit short. But in general the shorter the answer the more obvious it is! Indeed, the content on Amazon Prime is the most complete and widespread content out there compared to other streaming services.

Because of its large database of over 40.000 videos there is always something to watch with Amazon Prime movies. It’s estimated that this about 4x more than the second largest video stream service available.

In addition, a large amount of Prime movies are offered in HD quality. This makes watching a video an experience to never forget. But for our more picky movie lovers, check out the content that is available in 4K, also known as Ultra High Definition. While not all TVs support this feature yet, it’s good to be prepared for the future!

True, there are many other video streaming services out there. However Amazon Prime is incomparable. Besides all the great Prime video content, Amazon Prime has other features. The subscription comes with unlimited use of digital print books, audible and even millions of free songs to stream! You will never need anything else.

What’s more?

Also, Prime video is also offline available for mobile devices. This is really great for cases where there is no Internet. Just download your video of choice before you leave the house and there you go: view the Prime video later on at anytime at anyplace without any internet connection needed.

More important, you can watch Prime movies on multiple screens at the same time. Now the whole family can enjoy their favorite movie or show at the same time! And with the parental control you don’t need to worry what you precious ones choose. You will always be in control.

Too, the content on Amazon Prime is frequently updated. Although there are no figures, almost weekly there is new content to watch. This really gives you the experience you deserve. Especially the Amazon Originals make this an outstanding video service. The quality is unheard of; Amazon Prime has launched several Emmy and Golden Globe award winning series that prove that only the best is good enough.

Amazon Prime Movies – The Facts

10 reasons why Amazon Prime movies is incomparable:

  1. Huge amount of choice: 40.000+ videos
  2. Offered in over 200 countries
  3. Watch offline if there is no Internet available
  4. HD and 4K quality videos
  5. Watch on multiple screens at the same time
  6. Free Music streaming
  7. Comes with free Books to read
  8. And with audible and narrated books
  9. Free unlimited cloud photo storage for the whole family
  10. Frequently updated movie library.